Saving Starts Today
SMALL MONTHLY INVESTMENT Comfort Performance Infinity
Preserve Equipment & Extended Warranties YES YES YES
NATE Certified Technicians YES YES YES
Parts & Labor Warranty 6-Months 1-Year 2-Years
No Overtime Fees YES YES YES
Diagnostic Service (up to $149) $79 $59 Included
Discount Off Flat Rate Repairs 5% 10% 15%
Emergency Priority Service Top of List 1 day Same day
Annual Spring A/C Cleaning YES YES YES
Annual Fall Furnace Cleaning YES YES YES
Pre-Season Schedule YES YES YES
Tune-Up Labor Guarantee 3-Months 6-Months 1-Year
Equipment Replacement Discount 5% 10% 15%
Indoor Air Quality Add-On Discount* 10% 15% 20%
Annual Replacement Purchase Accrual** $0 $20 $30
Basic Filter Change YES YES YES
Specialized Filter Change or Humidifier Pad NO NO YES
Free Replacement of CO detectors*** NO NO YES
Flat Rate Additional Unit Tune-Up $89 $69 $49
Tune-Up Checklist
Clean & Inspect Burners
Clean & Inspect Heat Exchanger
Test Gas Shut-Off Valve
Clean & Check Pressure Tubes
Clean Furnace Cabinet
Inspect Blower Wheel
Inspect & Clean Igniter
Check Thermostat
Inspect Vent Pipes
Inspect Combustion
Air Pipes Clean & Check
Condensate Plumbing
Inspect Electrical Connections
Clean Flame Sensor
Measure & Record Temperature Rise
Measure & Record Gas Valve
Measure & Record Gas Pressure
Perform Carbon Monoxide Check
Measure & Record Capacitor Rating
Measure & Record Blower Motor Amps
Check & Clean Or Replace Air Filter
Inspect & Check Ducts For Leakage
Inspect & Check For Proper Fuse Size
Clean & Inspect Condenser Coil
Clean & Inspect Evaporator Coil
Inspect Blower Wheel
Clean & Test Safety Controls
Check Unit Disconnect
Check & Inspect Contractor
Inspect Airflow
Clean & Check Condensate Plumbing
Inspect Electrical Connections Leak
Check & Inspect Refrigerant
Inspect Motor Bearing
Check Condenser Blade Balance
Measure & Record Capacitor Rating
Measure & Record Compressor Amps
Measure & Record Condition Motor Amps
Measure & Record Super Heat/Sub-Cool
Measure & Record Temp Split
Measure & Record Line Voltage
Measure & Record Head Unit Pressure
Measure & Record Suction Pressure
Inspect & Clean Or Replace Belt
Check & Clean Or Replace Air Filter
Check & Inspect Circuit Breaker
Sizing Inspect & Check Ducts For Leakage
Additional Benefits
Perform Maximum Cool Spring Clean $450 $325 $250 $175
Perform Maximum Heat Fall Clean $375 $250 $175 $100
Clean- Up Indoor & Outdoor Unit $275 $185 $125 $75
Air Leak Killer Duct Sealer Service $190 $150 $125 $100
Verify Calibration of Thermostat $150 $125 $100 $75
Replace Thermostat Batteries $150 $125 $100 $75
Replace CO Detectors (up to 2 per house) $175 $125 $95 Included
Replace Humidifier Pad $125 $100 $50 Included
50% of every energy dollar goes to furnace and a/c use

40% of furnace tune-ups fail to meet minimum airflow criterion 1/8th Inch layer of dust on a blower can reduce efficiency by 30% Leaky ductwork can reduce efficiency by 17%

$30 per month can be wasted by not having a clean and serviced HVAC system

90% of units tested that did not have regular maintenance showed some sort of energy-wasting problems