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Southern Colorado

This map is a representation of areas we service. Please call us for your specific location

Why We Love Taking Care of Loveland Air Conditioners

IMS Heating and Air considers the gorgeous town of Loveland our second home. Many of our office team and technicians live and play here after working hard on Northern Colorado’s HVAC needs. Known as the Gateway to the Rockies, it’s no surprise that this town is so darn lovable. It has been recognized by publications such as Forbes, Money Magazine, US News and others for being one of the best places to live in the country.

As we work on or install your Loveland air conditioning, we understand why you are such a fan of your Loveland community. Nothing beats a stroll around Lake Loveland, an evening concert at the Foote Lagoon or a trip down Cleveland Avenue for an evening out. The city has the biggest sculpture show in the country; and nothing beats a day exploring the Benson or the Chapungu Sculpture Gardens. It’s a great town for families and professionals alike and we love helping keep Loveland homes the right temperature.

IMS has served Loveland since our company’s beginnings, and we have become a staple of the community. We love working on your air conditioner so you can get back to focusing on your backyard barbecues, summer vacations, nights of fun, and summer projects. We also know that Loveland continues to boom with business and we can cool off your office, workshop, industrial complex and anything else you can dream of.

Keeping Cozy with Fun and Furnaces, Loveland

The love in Loveland goes way beyond the iconic hearts hung around street lamps in February. It happens all year long, but it is extra special in the colder months. The Sweetheart City has lots of art, theater, performances and other indoor activities that will keep you busy all winter long. You can catch a show at the Rialto Theater, bundle up and browse the shops and galleries downtown, or check out how the snow has added extra character to the hundreds of sculptures that this city has become so famous for. Loveland also continues to grow and has a wide variety of new businesses to check out with each coming year.

IMS Heating and Air prides ourselves in keeping you cozy by installing, maintaining and repairing furnaces, Loveland. The average temperatures during the cold season often don’t get above 50 degrees and you will want your furnace working at its best during the inevitable snowstorms and windy days. While we may keep you snug and warm, we also make an extra effort to share the love throughout Loveland by being an active part of the community. We work with the local high schools, and contribute to a wide variety of charities here including the House of Neighborly Service and the Kristi Visocky Memorial Fund. We are also sponsors of the Colorado Ice, who play all of their home games in this fantastic city. No matter how cold it gets, IMS will keep you warm. We can’t wait to see you around town.

IMS Heating: Fort Collins Cozy Never Looked So Good

Fort Collins is a beautiful place. Its quirky originality and sense of style is one of a kind; blending cowboy with tree hugger, and farmers with technology startups. Fort Collins is a wonder in any season, but it has extra magic in fall and winter. During the fall, the students return to Colorado State University; welcomed by art and music festivals, football games, and harvest season. After a few weeks, some of the best fall foliage in the state is witnessed with a drive down Mulberry, Taft, or Overland Trail.

Winter is welcomed -snow or not- with cold nights; perfect for a bundled up stroll down one of the bike paths or for some window-shopping in Old Town. For those who prefer a warm space, curling up at one of the hundreds of coffee shops or with one of the brews from over 10 breweries can relieve the chill. And nothing says winter like seeing the lights twinkling among the trees down College Avenue.

After a chilly day out in fall and winter, IMS’s Fort Collins heating will help you kick off your shoes and keep cozy. Because of our factory trained and certified technicians, unit selection and our very own duct shop, your heating solution will be as unique as your Fort Collins experience.

Air Conditioning with Fort Collins in Mind

Spring and summer bring some fantastic perks to Fort Collins. It is a season bursting with activity, and there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the summer sun with a concert or a trip up to Horsetooth Reservoir. The fun doesn’t stop there; a good float down the Cache La Poudre or a night out on a restaurant patio sipping one of Fort Collins’ many specially brewed beers will bring a contented smile to your face. This city celebrates its agriculture roots and often shows off its best in the summer sun. Farmers markets show off their yummy wares while horse shows and rodeos bring out the bull riders and equestrians. Of course, the county fair is a must!

Last but far from least is the town’s love affair with the bicycle. Fort Collins loves all its road cycles, cruisers, and mountain bikers alike, offering riding space, bike shops, and even two-wheel themed restaurants.

With such busy summer days, our few precious, quiet moments should not be spent sweating. That is why we take such pride in cooling you off with air conditioning, Fort Collins. With both our mini-split system and our traditional air conditioners you can guarantee that you will find the right cooling solution for your Fort Collins home or business.

If you are a looking for the most earth friendly option, we have high efficiency units available. As one of the best-trained HVAC companies in Northern Colorado, IMS Heating and Air understands the complexity of both your units and your duct system. We can do any size and any place. With IMS you will spend less time worrying about how to stay cool and more time planning your next Fort Collins adventure.

Cool Your Heels: Johnstown Air Conditioning

IMS has our home office and workshop here in Johnstown. We love the big sweeping hills, the friendly community and the mountain views. It is incredible to imagine how much our town has grown from the single stage and railroad stop to a thriving town of 10,000. Nestled along Interstate 25, we see people from all walks of life and we are proud to be part of this hard working community.

IMS loves giving back to our Johnstown community by donating to organizations such as Tough Enough to Wear Pink, The Wounded Warrior Project and many others. We also understand that a strong Johnstown is dependent on the strength of the next generation and that is why we are involved with the Roosevelt High School Rough Riders.

After the incredible residents work hard on the job or play hard out on the plains or up in the not-so-distant mountains, we are proud to cool them off with Johnstown air conditioning. If you have a home that is reminiscent of those railroad days, a bungalow, a brand new model or something in between, we can build custom air ducts, install a new unit, and then do any maintenance your air conditioner may need. We know that it is a joy and a blessing to live out here on the plains, but it can also come with some staggeringly hot summer days. Make sure your home gets the local touch with IMS Heating and Air Conditioning.

Stay Warm On the Range: Johnstown Furnace

Johnstown is at the center of it all. It is only a short car trip to the long streets of Longmont, the arts of Loveland, the quirky restaurants and culture of Fort Collins and a variety of mountain getaways. Because of this convenience, many people have chosen to make Johnstown their home.

Located along the crossroads of I -25, the town residents have access to the rest of the Northern Colorado region with ease. This central location is what originally attracted the first homesteader, Harvey J. Parish, back in the early 1900s. Here he set up a toll bridge for the passing wagon trains, stagecoaches and other travelers when the water along the big Thompson was too high to safely cross.

This prairie home has many different perks and some really beautiful views of Long’s Peak and the rest of the Front Range. It can also have exceptionally harsh, windy winters.
That is why we encourage residents of this great town to purchase and maintain their Johnstown furnace with IMS Heating and Air. Our home base is located here in Johnstown. We love serving the community with fantastic service that has brought us repeat customers time and time again. We can take care of all of your heating needs and do large industrial projects, small businesses, new homes, and existing home furnace and air duct repair and replacement. Call us and your home on the range will stay safe and cozy all winter long.

From Mountain Hide-Aways To Winter Adventures, Our Estes Park Furnaces Will Keep You Warm.

It is a treat for technicians to drive up to the high country to install and manage Estes Park furnaces. Who can blame us? For year-round residents, vacationers and weekend visitors alike, Estes Park is truly one of a kind and the fall and winter seasons are exceptionally inspirational. It is no wonder Steven King found his muse for the snowy hotel of The Shining here in Estes Park, where the awe of the peaks and vistas can stagger even the biggest skeptics. But you don’t have to be a horror novel writer to fall in love.

People flock to see the fall leaves change both around town and up in nearby Rocky Mountain National Park. The elks famous autumn bugle call seems as though it’s become the city’s personal anthem. Estes Park is also famous for its fall Highland Festival, bike races and other activities that jubilantly celebrate the crisp clean air. In the winter, this city offers some of the best holiday shopping in the state and comes to life with color, decorations and snow-covered rooftops once Christmas approaches. People also come to ice fish, snowshoe or simply enjoy a drive through the winter wonderland that lies in and around this community. Here at IMS, we love supporting both the business owners, residents and those who have a weekend cabin with our exceptional heating services. If you have a heating problem or would like to stay cozier this winter, we can help.

Cool Off In One Of Colorado’s Top Destinations, we’ll worry about Estes Park’s Air Conditioning.

You can’t say you are from Colorado if you haven’t spent a weekend in Estes Park. Known as the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, this town is a famous chill-out spot after a long hike or a trip up Trail Ridge Road. However, it’s incredible art galleries, restaurants, plays, events and history keep people coming back for more.

For the outdoors crowd, there is mountain biking, fishing, backpacking trips into Rocky Mountain National Park, horseback riding and hundreds of other options. For those who call Estes Park home, they know that summer time is the busy season. Even if you just enjoy a cabin on the weekends, we understand that you don’t want to spend your precious time uncomfortably feeling the heat of a broken air conditioner. You want it to work right the minute you get in from town or down off the trail. A working air conditioner is also essential for business and makes your warm weather visits to the high country more comfortable. Our technicians have had many years of high country experience and can install your unit and make sure that it has all of the proper repairs and updates that it needs to work for years to come. Your Estes Park home, hotel, rental property, cabin, business place and anything else you can think of will stay cool with assistance from IMS.

Heating bills in Greeley, CO are no longer as affordable as they were before. One way to solve this problem is to take care of your heating system. Before you purchase a furnace, you may want to consider furnace repair first. However, if it is too old, it is not advisable to spend more cash on your unit. Instead, a Greeley furnace that is energy-efficient will help keep your home comfortable especially during winter.

When searching for a furnace, you should consider the type of fuel used. Although this is typically more about your personal preference, your home’s location is a deciding factor on the fuel type. In Greeley, it is best to choose oil or gas furnaces. Electric heat pumps are also a great option for your air heating system.

You should also find the correct sizing of the Greeley furnace for your home. A properly chosen furnace will help you save money in the long run.

Your Colorado Springs Air Conditioner, Your Colorado Springs Adventure

Crank up the Colorado Springs air conditioners because this is one fantastic city in the summer months. As our trucks cruise in and install your new unit, update your old or perform other services, you will be free to explore the city you call home.

While prospectors may have settled here to seek their fortunes and recover from the Civil War, Colorado Spring’s true treasure is not gold, but its incredible scenery and its western spirit. Today people from across the country call this city home and visitors flock to see its sights.

During the summer months, the defense and tech industries take a back seat as the city’s tourism sector takes center stage. Here, guests can explore dozens of sites and activities. A variety of high profile places are here to explore including the Rodeo Hall of Fame, the Olympic Training Center and even taking the Cog Railroad up Pikes Peak to name just a few.

Colorado Springs is also a summertime paradise for outdoor adventurers. Wake up for an early morning balloon ride, hike and bike in the nearby mountains, explore Garden of the Gods and raft down the Arkansas. The western spirit of the mountains lives in Colorado Springs.

Enjoy the Fall Color and Snow, Your Home Will Be Warm with a Colorado Springs Furnace

There is a song that says there is no place closer to heaven than a morning in the Colorado snow. With Pikes Peak and the Rockies towering behind, fall and winter in Colorado Springs often feel close to heaven. This city has drawn people from all over the country to work in the defense industry for the Air Force and Fort Carson, or in the tech industry such as Lockheed Martin and Hewlett Packard; yet they also come for the mountain living.

Once, this region was considered inhospitable, and the first explorer, Zebulon Pike claimed that Pike Peak itself would never be climbed. Now Colorado Springs is a thriving city with plenty to see and do. More than 600,000 people call Colorado Springs home and we are happy to keep them warm. After a long day at work or out in the cold, we will heat your home with the best ducts, furnaces and, of course, customer service in the industry. Call us, and we will make sure your Colorado Springs furnace works at its best.

Boulder is world famous for its laid-back attitude and pioneering spirit. However, this city also calls to people worldwide for its delicious food, grandiose mountain views, leafy trees and stunning architecture.

As shadows cascade down the iconic flatirons, Boulder buzzes with life. This city is home to University of Colorado, the state’s biggest educational institution and a cornerstone for research around the world. Students fly past on bicycles, and the bright red buildings of the university abound.

As a former mining town, Boulder’s sense of industry still pulses through its veins. However, instead of gold and silver, the city mines for innovation in the minds of its residents and has a thriving, biotech, IT and aerospace industry.

Even if it is famous for having an alternative way of thinking, Boulders vibrancy and diversity still draws people from all backgrounds.. Whether you are a homeowner, a student, or a property manager, whether you are a professional, or a parent, or whether you live up in the canyons or down in town, IMS is happy to announce that it now offers its award winning heating and cooling services to all the residents of Boulder.

We can install air filters, purifiers, thermostats, custom duct systems and of course heating and cooling units in a variety of shapes and sizes. IMS is the industry leader in Heating and Air, and we have the stats and customer service record to prove it. We are excited to join Boulder’s list of innovators, helping you stay comfortable as you get caught up in the winds of your own innovation.

Stay Awesome, We Will Keep You Cool With Longmont Air Conditioning

Boulder’s laid-back cousin is the beautiful town of Longmont. This former Victorian farming town, has traded in bonnets and plows, for breweries, small business, music and a thriving art community. Because of its proximity to Highway 36 and other pathways to the high country, Longmont is full of hikers, bikers, campers and other outdoor adventurers who love calling this place home. It has even been rated one of the top American cities to live in by CNN.

Longmont boasts more than 1500 acres of open space and is host to a variety of specialty restaurants and food shops. In the summer months, it is home to Prospect Eats, Northern Colorado’s largest gathering of food trucks.

Longmont also has many beautiful homes. It has farmhouses, custom homes, apartments, condos and many other housing options. When you are out being awesome, rest easy knowing that you will stay cool with one of IMS Heating and Air’s Longmont air conditioning systems. No matter what your style, needs or preference, we can install, retrofit, repair, maintain, replace, inspect and perform anything else that may go along with your air conditioner. Your house can’t cool off with a cool brew from Oskar Blues or a swim in the summer months like you can, so give it a break and keep your family comfortable with an air conditioning system from IMS.

Enjoy The Winter Magic. IMS Will Keep You Warm With Our Furnaces, Longmont.

The first crisp days and shorter daylight hours bring a sense of excitement to many Longmont residents. Although they have to pack away the shorts, swimsuits and other warm weather gear, they gleefully reach for their best winter finery and equipment. Winter brings a little magic to this part of Colorado. Because it so close to Denver and Boulder, Longmont sees a huge amount of music, arts and shopping (including more than 63 shops and boutiques) and performance groups such as the Longmont Symphony Orchestra.

Named for its exceptional views of Long’s Peak, this city sits amongst the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Many people check the straps on their snowshoes, sharpen their skis, load up their snowboards and head for the hills. The winter season is a truly magical time here in Longmont, and that is one of the many reasons IMS Heating and Air prides itself in keeping you warm.

You will stay warm and happy all winter long with one of our furnaces, Longmont. We are a Colorado company that takes pride in both our community and our locally owned and operated business. We can keep your customers cozy during the holiday season, your sweetheart stay warm on Valentine’s Day and to top it off, we can keep your family warm and comfortable if winter starts in September and lasts until June. Our products are top of the line and our technicians, office staff and everyone else on our team understand that customer service, quality products and exceptional workmanship are what Coloradoans expect. It is the only way we do business and Longmont will stay warm and cozy for years to come.