Cool Cash for a Cool Summer.

  Sweating about the sweltering Colorado summer? Worried about finding an affordable air conditioning system? Think your only options are burning a hole through your wallet and burning in the summer heat? Just chill! IMS will keep you cool this … Continued

It’s Time to Have the Coolest Summer Ever.

Colorado is famous for its snow-capped mountains and wide, open spaces. But all that high-altitude sunshine can lead to some sweltering summers. Did you spend last summer sitting in front of an ineffective rotating fan, or feeling like you wasted … Continued

Carrier Cool Cash is in Effect.

You may have heard about our amazing promotion called “Carrier Cool Cash” that started on April 1st, either just from the buzz surrounding it, or perhaps you read our blog from March. IMS is giving rebates back from your purchases. … Continued

HVAC Systems You Might Not Have Heard About

Lots of people think that an HVAC system is just a furnace, some ducts, and maybe a radiator to help spread the heat around. But did you know that, with IMS Heating & Air, there are so many more options … Continued

Signs Your Furnace Needs Help

At IMS Heating and Air, we understand that your furnace is often the last thing on your mind. Tucked away down there in the basement, it’s easy to forget that it even exists until you come home one day to … Continued

Did You Know: an Introduction to Rebates

Buying a new furnace is a significant investment. At IMS, we understand what may be holding you back—putting down hundreds of dollars on something you might not ever think about in your day-to-day life is pretty hard. But did you … Continued

Three Things to Know Before Buying a Furnace

Of all the things you’ve got to worry about in your house, the furnace always seems to come in last. It’s nothing to be ashamed of—after all, “out of sight, out of mind,” as the saying goes. If it’s still … Continued